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Dumb Texas Laws

Note: All cited laws are real and currently in effect, and have been verified for authenticity by practicing attorney Nathan Belofsky, Esq., the world's leading authority on strange laws.

  • In the State of Texas, a dog may not be left unattended on a leash shorter than five times the length of the dog, measured nose to tail.
  • In El Paso, Texas, it’s a crime for a woman to wear a lewd dress.
  • In Texarkana, Texas, it’s illegal to own a dingo, wallaby or poison frog.
  • In Texas, use of emu feathers is allowed in mattresses.
  • In Texas, those wanting to modify the weather must first warn residents in a local newspaper.
  • In Texarkana, Texas, each cow is entitled to one acre for himself.
  • In El Paso, Texas it’s illegal for an unmarried couple checking into a hotel to say they are married.
  • In Texas, feathers for bedding must be made of soft and flaccid quills.
  • In Texas, pointing a laser beam at an airplane is a crime.
  • In Texas, the tag in a recliner chair can only be attached to the chair’s underside.
  • In Texarkana, Texas, no swine can be kept within city limits.
  • In Texas, those wishing to modify the weather must first obtain a permit.
  • In Deer Park, Texas, one wishing to keep a wild animal must first register with the police chief.
  • In Texas, a toothpick cannot be offered by a restaurant unless it has been kept safe from insects and rodents.
  • In Texas, swine cannot be kept with 500 feet of a cemetery in counties with over 525,000 people.
  • In Texas, it’s illegal to attack a service animal.
  • In Deer Park County, Texas, it’s a crime for a homeowner to cook on a grill larger than 27 inches in diameter.
  • In Texas, buying or selling children is against the law.
  • In Deer Park County, Texas, swimmers in a public pool must take a shower or bath before putting on a bathing suit.
  • In Texas, those wanting to modify the weather must first put a warning in the local newspaper.
  • In El Paso, Texas, it’s illegal for a hotel manager to allow unmarried couples to have intercourse.
  • In Texas, one needs a permit to own an alligator.
  • In Texas, it’s illegal to use fish using an electrical shock.
  • In Deer Park County, Texas, it’s a class "C" misdemeanor to rollerblade or skateboard within 100 feet of a public library.
  • In Texas, it’s illegal to fish from a bridge.

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