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Dumb Florida Laws

Note: All cited laws are real and currently in effect, and have been verified for authenticity by practicing attorney Nathan Belofsky, Esq., the world's leading authority on strange laws.

  • In the State of Florida, it’s a crime for married couples to engage in lewd or lascivious conduct with each other.
  • In Broward County, Florida, it’s illegal for female hot dog stand attendants to wear G-strings.
  • In Florida, it’s against the law to trip a horse with a rope.
  • In Frostproof, Florida, it’s a crime to keep swine within 300 feet of a house for more than one hour.
  • In Florida, cops who bust a still can keep only one pint of booze as evidence.
  • In Miami, Florida, dance club entertainers are not allowed to mingle with customers.
  • In West Palm Beach, Florida, it’s a crime to hang a carpet in public.
  • In Panama City, Florida, it’s a crime to raise your voice in a drive-in restaurant.
  • In Miami, Florida, it’s against the law for a dance hall to have dirty windows.
  • In West Palm Beach, Florida, it is illegal to perform acrobatic flying.
  • In Florida, a person needs permission to release more than ten balloons in a 24 hour period.
  • In Destin, Florida, it’s illegal to sell baby chickens or bunnies as pets.

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