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Dumb Alabama Laws

Note: All cited laws are real and currently in effect, and have been verified for authenticity by practicing attorney Nathan Belofsky, Esq., the world's leading authority on strange laws.

  • In the State of Alabama, it’s illegal to play dominoes in a poolroom in counties having less than 56,500 or more than 59,000 people.
  • In Mobile, Alabama, it’s a crime to play with a stink or funk ball.
  • In Alabama, a voter spending more than four minutes in a voting booth can be asked to hurry up.
  • In Mobile, Alabama, it’s against the law to throw confetti or spray silly string.
  • In Alabama, it’s a crime to harm oneself to avoid work or incite sympathy.
  • In Mobile, Alabama, fortune tellers must first obtain a permit.
  • In Alabama, bear wrestling is illegal, as is surgically altering a wrestling bear.
  • In Mobile, Alabama, bathing in a city fountain is a crime.
  • In Auburn, Alabama, it’s a crime to spit on the floors of churches, buses, and theaters.

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